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Ani Yehudi - I am a Jew! The subtle cry deep within every heart, calling out: "I too, have a Jewish spark within! I too, want to learn about my heritage!"

Ani Yehudi - I am a Jew ... and just as the limbs of a body are part of one unit, so too every Jew is part of one unit ... one great nation. "Ani Yehudi" hears that call, and makes it her mission to bring the tradition to every Jew!

Ani Yehudi - A volunteer organization that was formed in 1998, to aid our brothers and sisters around the world, by publishing and distributing thousands of books so that people unfamiliar can familiarize, learn and come close to their heritage of old.

Ani Yehudi publishes vital Jewish literature, such as transliterated Siddurim, Machzorim and Zemiros Benchers among other books. Presently undergoing final preparation stages are specialized posters of Brachos, Mitzvos and many other Jewish themes in Russian, for schools and for the home. We are soon beginning with a full line English literature as well.

Ani Yehudi through various funds from its sponsors and supporters helps supply Tefillin, Mezuzahs, Tzitzit & Yarmulkes to children and families who wish to perform these precious Mitzvos.


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